Month: May 2020

Back To The Local

Sunday May 31st, Angus, Scotland. Another couple of hours on the local river. Out early before if got too hot. A few smallish fish caught fishing nymphs upstream under a Ferris indicator. The water is getting perilously low. Small fish, but if you go fishing to small streams like this you have to set your…

By Fred Carrie 31 May 2020 0

First Visit To Our Local Ospreys

Ospreys are great subjects for wildlife photographers. Big, bold, not too spooky and generally cooperative. Of course one has always to keep in mind that these are highly protected birds and that it is a criminal offence to deliberately or knowingly disturb them, especially at nesting time. We are very lucky to have a local…

By Fred Carrie 30 May 2020 0

Fishing Escape From Lockdown

Friday May 29th Scotland. a partial lifting of covid-19 restrictions allowed us out fishing for the first time this season. A few small fish on a dry fly from a very low local river. Tiny fish, but hugely enjoyable. I was out for several hours and covered a fair bit of ground. This video is…

By Fred Carrie 30 May 2020 0

Local River Rising Trout

15th May 2020. A good hatch of olives on our small local river with lots of brown trout rising. Mainly small fish but also the occasional bigger one. The water is very low after a dry spring. Filmed on the Nikon Z6 which really is a super camera for video.

By Fred Carrie 15 May 2020 0

A Walk By The River

A lockdown walk along our small local river. A bit of wind noise as I didn’t have the video mic. and dead cat with me. Filmed on the Nikon Z6. The water is dead low now after a very dry spring. Lots of aquatic flies hatching and a few small brown trout rising. See if…

By Fred Carrie 15 May 2020 0

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

OK so it’s a clichéd title. I know that, but it fits. Kind of. The tomorrow I write of is in fact today as this story started yesterday if you get my temporal drift. During a longish walk yesterday I passed along the edge of a field that was alive with hares (don’t even ask).…

By Fred Carrie 2 May 2020 0