Month: September 2020

Carn Ferg Circuit

As a hill-goer of many decades, more than I care to remember if I’m being honest, one of the problems I occasionally encounter is a mental block when trying to think of new routes to tackle. This is compounded by advancing years and by that I mean my days of Munro bagging epics are behind…

By Fred Carrie 9 September 2020 2

Clais Fhearnaig Circuit

I have not updated this blog for a few weeks as the weather has been pretty appalling really and we have not been out doing much. Not much that anyone would find interesting anyway. The Clais Fhearnaig, locally pronounced something like Clash Yarnaig or Clash Yarnaich and meaning “Narrow Hollow Of Alders”, is a narrow…

By Fred Carrie 1 September 2020 2