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Sea Of Tranquillity

The fog cleared and the sun shone this morning, first time for about 4 or 5 days. I packed an ultra lightweight landscape photography bag: Nikon Z6, 24-70MM Z series lens, Lee filter kit, a circular polariser and a lightweight tripod then headed for the sea which I expected to be near flat calm. It…

By Fred Carrie 17 June 2020 0

A Walk In The Glen

Although the lockdown has been eased ever so slightly in Scotland it’s still not possible to access the hills “responsibly”, whatever that means. Frankly I can’t think of many more effective ways to social distance than getting out onto the hills. But perhaps a complete lack of understanding of matters rural is what you have…

By Fred Carrie 13 June 2020 0

Osprey With Pike

A few shots from a glorious evening in great company by the loch. This male osprey appears to have a great liking for pike as it is certainly the fish species I have seen him with most often. At these times of job losses, infectious diseases and all the other bad news the media appears…

By Fred Carrie 12 June 2020 2

New Lens At Last

Back in late 2018 Nikon released their new 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR lens. A fixed focal length super-telephoto lens that is exceptionally small and lightweight when compared to other lenses of similar quality. I already own the 300MM version of this lens and combined with a x1.4 Nikon teleconvertor it has been my go-to…

By Fred Carrie 11 June 2020 0

Intruder Alert!

Lots of local osprey action the other day. Th light was difficult, but the images were not too bad. I had also been there the previous afternoon when they were very active and harassing the other loch residents, taking a particular dislike to cormorants. I’m now not surprised this new male saw off the previous…

By Fred Carrie 10 June 2020 0

First Visit To Our Local Ospreys

Ospreys are great subjects for wildlife photographers. Big, bold, not too spooky and generally cooperative. Of course one has always to keep in mind that these are highly protected birds and that it is a criminal offence to deliberately or knowingly disturb them, especially at nesting time. We are very lucky to have a local…

By Fred Carrie 30 May 2020 0

Local River Rising Trout

15th May 2020. A good hatch of olives on our small local river with lots of brown trout rising. Mainly small fish but also the occasional bigger one. The water is very low after a dry spring. Filmed on the Nikon Z6 which really is a super camera for video.

By Fred Carrie 15 May 2020 0