A Walk In The Glen

13 June 2020 0 By Fred Carrie

Although the lockdown has been eased ever so slightly in Scotland it’s still not possible to access the hills “responsibly”, whatever that means. Frankly I can’t think of many more effective ways to social distance than getting out onto the hills. But perhaps a complete lack of understanding of matters rural is what you have to expect from one dimensional law makers who seldom get out of Edinburgh.

The wider freedoms enjoyed in England for weeks now have yet to reach Scotland and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon. As you might imagine this is causing huge frustration, is having a devastating effect on the tourism sector and one has to wonder how much of it will survive.

Anyway, none of us really wants to put local communities at risk or under pressure and we have our memories of glorious days past to keep us going.

Here is a short video of a walk we did last September (2019) in a very unfrequented glen. A lovely day and the icing on the cake was an encounter with a Golden Eagle. I love the horse at the end, it really looks so bored!

No sound was recorded, so the background music is just something I played improvising with a modal E tuned acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, a Moog synth and a drum program.

The camera was a Sony FDR-AX53

Hope you enjoy the video.