Day 14 Of The Lockdown

4 April 2020 2 By Fred Carrie

Down by the river …………. I’ve been getting out as much as I can on my legal lonesome walks. Today I did a 3 mile loop the final stretch being up the banks of our local river. Only met 2 people and both were on the margins of the village. That’s why it’s best to get as far out of town as possible.

I often fish here, but certainly not today. In reality it would make little difference to anything as I never meet anyone there anyhow, lockdown or no lockdown. Of course this would not be wise; it seems a general lack of common sense means one has to be absolute these days. Someone once said “a person is smart; people are dumb” it might just have been a line in some movie, but whatever it’s not far off the mark.

Were I to be seen fishing there it is highly likely it would be taken as encouragement to the instant ignition of barbecues and mass gatherings all over the county of Angus; the football season would restart instantly and unprepared pie and Bovril purveyors would struggle to cope with the unexpected demand. Even if none of that happened it still would not feel like the right thing to do. We have to stick together. Shame though, the water levels were perfect! 🙂

It’s the kids I feel sorry for cooped up at home. I managed to arrange a few fishing permits on three rivers for a fishing mad youngster last month then as soon as the season started it shut down again. What bloody shame. I clearly remember how much I loved fishing when I was a kid and to have it taken away before it even started would have been a bitter blow indeed.

Actually just as bad is not having a proper camera with me, just a wee pocket sized Panasonic Lumix compact thingy – but like fishing tackle it just would not feel like the right or fair thing to do to be walking around with a DSLR and tripod right now.

Never mind, it won’t last forever. Saving lives and protecting everyone in our health and care sectors as best we can is what really matters.

Stay safe!