Late 60’s Hippy No More

Late 60’s Hippy No More

11 August 2020 0 By Fred Carrie

Although I was sort of forced to try make this work both age and, coincidentally, era-wise – 67 being both my age and The Summer Of Love 😀 – my lockdown flowing locks have now gone. Yesterday at Montrose Basin was the last straw, they were driving me nuts.

Now I don’t know about you, but right now the inside of hairdressers’ or barbers’ shops really do not appeal any more than crowded pubs. If you are going to get covid-19 such places are probably among the most likely sources. My pals, the two Ronnies and Adam, suggested I get the clippers out and perform a DIY job. Apparently everyone’s doing it.

It worked a treat. I feel liberated, although to cynically unkind eyes, with the beard and all, my head might look like it’s on upside down.

The last few weeks have been difficult even when I could see where I was going. Harsh summer light is not the best for photography although shooting black and white does help a bit. A few weeks back we managed a trip up to an old favourite hill loch. I took a fly rod and managed a few fish, one of them not bad at all for a high level Scottish lochan. It was good to be back after all those years and see that very little had changed. It’s still a delightful spot.

The Lochan

With the nights visibly drawing in once more sunset is, at the time of writing, around 9.00PM. This is opening up better opportunities for sunset photography. The first trip was to Morphie Dam Dyke on The North Esk and while the sunset was a little disappointing it was good just getting out there and giving it a go. The river was alive with leaping salmon and sea trout, although the anglers present were not having much luck at all.

North Esk Morphie Dyke Sunset
Morphie Dyke Sunset

Last night was better. There was much more high level cloud when Adam and I arrived at Rescobie Loch; the light and the reflections were pretty good. I was shooting with my Nikon D850, a 24-70 MM lens set @ 24MM, a tripod, a 6 stop ND filter, f/16, giving a 10 second exposure to smooth out the slight surface ripple.

Rescobie Loch Sunset
Rescobie Loch Sunset

Adam’s images are quite different and are superb. Check out his Flickr page. This is the fascinating thing about landscape photography, no two people see the same scene the same way. At sunrise or sunset I usually tend to go for the more dramatic, high contrast, high saturation effect. There is no right or wrong way, it’s just a question of individual style.

Photography is more art than science.