Lunan Bay After Lockdown

7 July 2020 0 By Fred Carrie

It was good to get back to this local and very popular beauty spot this morning.

The car park has been open now for a few days after being closed for 3 months due to covid-19. This didn’t keep folk away of course; I had a chat with two local women out walking their dogs and there have been all sorts of issues with thoughtless people illegally parking, blocking roads and access to fields and property. Hopefully that’s at an end now although they told me there are serious ongoing problems with illegal overnight parking of camper vans (there are no facilities), litter and even people defecating in the sand dunes.

Sadly these kind of problems are common all over Scotland. The trashing of beauty spots seems to be one sport at which we Scots are world class. 🙁

It was good to be back anyway. The beach is great for sunrise photography, although I was still deeply in The Land Of Nod when the sun rose today! Sunrise shoots are a winter pursuit for me nowadays!

The tide was at maximum (or should that be minimum?) low and I spent some time just wandering the beach. I’m on a drive right now to reduce the weight of my photographic gear because carrying a dead weight on your back for any length of time really does massively reduce the pleasure of the experience. Moving to mirror-less cameras does help, but it is expensive when you have to buy a whole new set of lenses. Quality glass is heavy and far from cheap.

I took just one shot at the old salmon net posts with the Nikon Z6 on a tripod using a 16-35MM lens @ 16MM, f/11 and a 25 sec. exposure with a 10 stop ND filter to make the sky more interesting.

Lunan After Lockdown