Rain, Five Mile Limits And Eagles

5 July 2020 0 By Fred Carrie

After a very wet winter here in North East Scotland we have recently gone through a period of dryness. Notice I don’t say unprecedented as, frankly, there is enough inaccurate sensationalism in the mainstream media about everything, especially weather. No, it was just a few wet months followed by a few dry months. Move along folks, nothing to see here, no need to be selling your car, putting a mask on and taking the bus. 🙂

Anyway the rivers have been low which has not been the best for the fishing. Not that we saw much of that. Until a few weeks ago, up here in Scotland, we were still chained to our beds while our more fortunate brothers down south were out socially distancing on the rivers and lakes just hauling them in.

Then there was the 5 mile travel limit. That effectively put paid to any hillwalking and allowed we Scots to get even fatter, more unhealthy and more mentally unstable than we normally are. It was not law of course, just a “recommendation” with the sinister implicit threat of being metaphorically tarred and feathered if you did not comply with this directive from the Central Nexus within the Holyrood Unicomplex.

Resistance is futile.

Anyhow, joking aside, it’s been nice to get out and about again even although the weather went belly the instant the 5 mile maximum directive was lifted. Of course the rain is welcome and it has certainly refreshed the rivers. I visited a local river this morning and it was fine to see it in good fettle once again, fair roaring down at the falls.

Summer Spate
River In Flood

After the long dry spell the rain had saturated everything and it made the walk in a tad dangerous. There are long steep drops down into the river and the woodrush which makes up most of the vegetation underfoot was like grease. Much care required.

Talking of woodrush; according to the late great Scottish naturalist Seaton Gordon woodrush is the favourite nest lining material of the Golden Eagle. I didn’t see any of these fine birds today, but the other day I did come across an eyrie on a cliff face whilst out walking in the hills.

Unoccupied Eyrie with a 700MM lens

Of course it is illegal to intentionally disturb raptors at their nests, but this one was unoccupied, so no harm done. And no, I’m not saying where it was. 😀