St. Cyrus

8 July 2020 0 By Fred Carrie

Some of my photographer friends will only shoot landscapes when the light conditions are optimum, usually meaning sunrise and sunset, especially during the summer months. Being a lazy devil I just go out when the mood takes me and besides, much as I enjoy sunrise and sunset light I feel that limiting myself to those times I’d be limiting my hobby to just a couple of hours each day.

Anyway, this morning I headed off to a local beach with the intent of shooting just one image. I arrived at about 10.00AM, the light was dire, dead flat, skies overcast and heavy and not even a blink of sunshine. I did know of some interesting beach sculptures by the river estuary and decided to shoot a monochrome image there.

I shot this with my Nikon Z6 with a 16MM lens, f/11, 15 stop Lee ND filter and about 3 minute exposure. I wanted a moody, streaky sky effect. I processed the RAW file with PS to look dark and moody, adding a vignette.

Honestly the light could hardly have been worse. Now being honest, the scene didn’t look like this in real life, but I kind of ended up with what I set out to achieve, not a show stopper, but OK to my eye.

As an aside one hassle I’m noticing with a mirror-less camera compared to my DSLRs is a lot more dust on the sensor!

Beach Sculpture At Saint Cyrus