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Clais Fhearnaig Circuit

I have not updated this blog for a few weeks as the weather has been pretty appalling really and we have not been out doing much. Not much that anyone would find interesting anyway. The Clais Fhearnaig, locally pronounced something like Clash Yarnaig or Clash Yarnaich and meaning “Narrow Hollow Of Alders”, is a narrow…

By Fred Carrie 1 September 2020 2

Carn na Drochaide

Well known Scottish mountaineer Hamish Brown wrote that Corbetts tend to make better viewpoints than Munros because of their lesser height. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, a Corbett is any individual Scottish hill with a height of between 2500 and 2999.99 feet and a separation of at least 500 vertical feet from any surrounding…

By Fred Carrie 22 July 2020 4