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Early Spring At The Lochan

The storm died during the night and morning mist and frost now grips the glen. It’s early April and after one of the longest and coldest winters for many years March brought a succession of gales and rain. Front followed front, crossing the country from the south west; not pleasant, but at least it was…

By Fred Carrie 30 March 2020 0

Loch nan Stuirteag

In Scotland there are many remote, hard to get to lochs, then there are some that are out there in a class of their own. Loch nan Stuirteag, most definitely falls into this later category. With a 10 mile walk-in over rough and often boggy terrain and a climb of over 2000 feet, not including…

By Fred Carrie 29 March 2020 0

Lonely Loch

I remember reading an article by a well known Scottish angler that appeared to be more than a little dismissive, even mocking, of anglers who hike for miles over midge infested bog, or climb half way up a mountain to catch a few fish that might be more accurately weighed in ounces than in pounds.…

By Fred Carrie 29 March 2020 0