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Started by Wildfisher, June 01, 2012, 11:26:26 AM

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See it hit the BBC  News Scotland...........

The link to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS)  web site has a very good video worth a wee watch


Quote from: Alan on May 07, 2014, 11:09:44 PM
I'd be careful with normal tweezers, there is a tendency to squeeze and nip the body clean off leaving the head still in, the tweezers i posted grip from the side and with round points so you don't cut the rascal when you pull.

Nipping the "head" off with thick tweezers  can also result in  squeezing of the abdomen, forcing the contents right in to you before you leave the mouthparts behind!


Quote from: Alan on May 08, 2014, 07:06:52 PM
I have only ever had one, my first, that made it to full bloat, it was the biggest bodied tic i have seen to date, every other since has been tiny, and last season most were damn near invisible, but out of maybe 30 or 40 none got blood out of me before i caught the rascals, they scratch off too, thats how i usually find them.

Trouble is the nasties are already in the tick before they get to you. Usually we get bitten by the nymph. The tick will have become infected in the earlier stage of it's life cycle as a larva, when it sucked blood from an infected animal - so you can still transfer the bacteria when the tick is still very small in the nymphal stage

Midgie Hater

Enlightening advice here. So far so good for me despite slightly dubious extraction methods up until now but (sorry) "once bitten..." etc.

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