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Red Throated Divers

Started by Guddler, August 02, 2009, 06:11:26 PM

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I had a really close encounter with some Red Throated Divers yesterday at the Loch of the Hollorin. I saw there were a few on the loch several hundred metres ahead of me. When I reached them, instead of moving well away as the usually do they seemed very inquisitive and started following me instead. I hunkered down and two of them just kept coming in closer till the lead one was truly less than 30 feet away.
There was no-one else for company so I had a bit of a chat with them about the weather and what flees they recommended. They remained fairly stoic but attentive for a polite amount of time until they sauntered off to join their mates.
There are Rain Geese on almost every loch in Shetland these days, it seems, but this is definitely the closest I?ve ever been to them. Made my day (the fishing was disappointing)  and really makes me think, again, about investing in a decent camera.

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