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Glasgow Casting Club

Started by Blanefishing, August 13, 2009, 11:42:49 AM

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River Chatter

Eh? Riff raff? Was it the bottle of bucky hanging oot ma jaicket that gave the game away? Anyway, we've not even met Admin, so who's been talking? ...eligibility criteria to loiter aroon' in a park in Knightswood - what bloody next!  :lol:


Quote from: admin on August 21, 2009, 10:17:28 PM
See what happens if you let just any bugger in?

What you need is reports section style access to keep the riff raff out.  :lol:

Oh there is, the criteria is you must have a central area, glaswegian orientated accent  :makefun


QuoteDid the young lad Blair turn up last night ?

Young boy from Falkirk Donald? He was very keen and casting quite nicely for a beginner. In fact he was casting quite nicely, period. Andrew Toft and I think Alberto (Blanefishing) gave him some instruction and I gave him a few pointers on river fishing.

Zoomer is right. It is hard to get round everyone. Every week brings another couple of total beginners and we really should take it in turns to give them the basics when in fact we just want to mess about casting ourselves and talk fishing :).

I tried to work out what the problem is with Paulr's line. I don't know for certain, but I reckon it is a casting issue which we are working on ("the stop", Paul).

Malcolm if you work out that left corkscrew cast, be sure and give me some tips

Protect the edge.


I really should get along to this at some point - Have told Alberto that due to new baby if I have a slight (even hint) of a couple of hours free on a Thursday I would probably be going fishing  :)

Once the close season is in I quite fancy the Sunday mornings though :-)

River Chatter

The Casting Club's great and easy to recommend. Most of us competent but mediocre casters should be able to take a turn in getting total beginners under way and to the point where they can lay out a straight line. I'm wondering if we could add a wee bit of structure to it though, so that we're all doing using the same approach? A session on teaching beginners the fundamentals would be useful I think. It would help to avoid a scenario where a few willing horses getting saddled (ahem) with the bulk of the coaching. I wondered also if the Casting Club is a constituted body yet? Blanefishing, do you want to field that one?  :)


The casting club was put together by me for selfish reason I wanted somewhere in the city where I could practice but it has not quiet worked out that way as I tend to be busy with beginners and no time to practice.  As a APGAI instructor I felt that I needed a place to continue my own development.   Like any technical sport if you want to be good at it or develop you need to practice and mix with like minded people my own experience makes me believe that you cannot fish and practice casting at the same time and I need practice. 

Milngavie Fly Dressers is the constituted body,  the constitution is essential for the council to agree to make the venue available we than purchased insurance cover at their request. 

I had no idea how the project would develop but it has been successful.  We have thought about intruducing some structure when we started we had demos etc and later we went off in groups starters, intermediate but that did not seem to work so I now tend to focus on beginners.  Blair was there this week and turned out to be a great pupil and speaking to his grandad I am certain that he will be back. 

Maybe we should have a meeting before the summer is out to discuss how we progress and move forward  and find out what people actually want from it.  Part of the reason for clubs success I think is its informality.   Without doubt there is loads that we could do and develop ie.  beginners classes, filming (i would like that for myself), guest casters, advanced classes, tackle comparisons, competitions and I am sure others will have ideas



Well if I lived closer I'd join.

Alberto it's great to see a genuine APGAI instructor on here. Makes a fine change from the SANA / SGAIC / GAIC  riff raff we are used to.   :D

By the way Peter / Magnus / Allan  et al that was a joke .....................  :crap


Quote from: admin on August 22, 2009, 09:02:33 PM

By the way Peter / Magnus / Allan  et al that was a joke .....................  :crap

Ah but we are a much higher class of riff raff


Quoteif anyone is interested in messing around with the idea, being filmed etc, or just figure out the best way to do it we could have a go thursday.

I have filmed Harelug  and myself a few times. It is a reat tool for fault diagnosis. Correcting your faults is the hard bit :)

I found it best to get the sun shining (always a tricky one, that :)) on to a dark background - I used a wooded railway embankment as a backdrop and of course use brightly coloured line for practice and filming purposes.

Protect the edge.


Quote from: zoomer on August 23, 2009, 09:52:56 PM
Alberto, and this may interest others actually,

some weeks ago i filmed scotty9 learning to cast, we played it back on my laptop so he could see himself and burnt a disc in the car, it was an experiment to find out if film could help, we only did it that once, i pm'd scotty there to ask if it helped because im convinced there is a way of making the camera work for this, scottys response...

''Yeah it did, confidence booster! Let me see i could actually make proper loops. Now if i could diagnose faults from it, it would be awesome!''

So fault diagnosis is where im at, maybe, but if anyone is interested in messing around with the idea, being filmed etc, or just figure out the best way to do it we could have a go thursday.

To give a wee bit of background on this for anyone wondering the positives of video:

When i ventured to the casting club for the first time i had a tailing loop problem. We had real difficulty finding the problem and more importantly fixing it but Andrew Toft managed to sort me out! It was the week after that i got video and it was a huge confidence booster seeing proper loops from the side. Going from tailing loops to seeing that was brilliant. Now i feel my loop control is so much better and now i'm trying to work on distance technique (not for fishing purposes!) and seeing video of when it breaks down would be ideal. Also taking time to work on accuracy now, really want to be hitting a small target every time.

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