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Glasgow Casting Club

Started by Blanefishing, August 13, 2009, 11:42:49 AM

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Alberto asked me to post a reminder that we are now into evening sessions for the summer and to give an update on the position of and outlook for the CC.
Two weeks ago we had five people at the first Thursday evening session of the year. Last week there were only three attending. Sunday sessions through the winter were much the same.  At this level of attendance, meeting insurance costs becomes well nigh unsustainable. So a decision will have to be made in the next week or so as to whether we continue . If we get no sign of improving attendance, insurance and formal permission will be lapsed and the CC will no longer exist.
Hopefully more folk will come along and help to keep going what is a really good facility.



That's a shame Jim, but perhaps it has ran it's course? These things need new blood or new ideas to  keep them fresh. The success of this club has been astonishing.


I only wish there was one in Edinburgh as I'd be along like a shot!
Shame to hear that though and I hope the appeal helps.

Ye Canny Fry A Rise!


Quote from: Hoolet on May 02, 2013, 11:39:59 AM
I only wish there was one in Edinburgh

Lot's of areas look at the Glasgow club in awe and envy. There were a few poor  attempts in the North East but they were doomed to fail as all you had to do was lightly scratch the surface and it became obvious they were driven ego  and commercialism and not altruism like the GCC. 


Quote from: admin on May 02, 2013, 03:50:10 PM
Lot's of areas look at the Glasgow club in awe and envy. There were a few poor  attempts in the North East but they were doomed to fail as all you had to do was lightly scratch the surface and it became obvious they were driven ego  and commercialism and not altruism like the GCC.

That's entirely correct, Fred. Very much the main benefit of the GCC has always been:-

1  the facility itself, ie the pond, which although not entirely satisfactory as a location, being in a public park, is at least fairly central and  is certainly  a hell of a lot better than having no pond
2  the friendly informality of the club 
3  the opportunity quite often to get informal coaching, help and assistance  FOR FREE as well as the opportunity sometimes to try rods and lines etc.
4 the friendly sociality of the CC members.

If it transpires that it has indeed run its course, so be it. I think it will be missed should it have to fold.



Quote from: Blanefishing on August 13, 2009, 11:42:49 AM
Just an update on some of the recent posts we meet on a Thursday evening at Knightswood Park pond from 6.30 ish.  There are beginners and experienced guys and even one or two level 2, GAIA, APGAI et al coaches on hand to help out and give advice.  It is an opportunity to practice your casting, polish up your double hauls etc.  In addition it gives you an opportunity to try rods and lines that you maybe are thinking of buying.  Also if you have any specific problems such as what wrecked my line? or how to make or what sort of leader to use then we can try to sort it for you.

It is very informal so do not expect intensive 1-2-1 sessions.  As part of our deal with the council we have had to take out 3rd party insurance so we charge ?1 for attendance to pay for it.  When the nights draw in we have permission to meet on a sunday from 9am until mid day which we will start to use probably in mid september but I will post a notice when we do.  This club is partly an extension of Milngavie Flydressers who will be planning to get some speakers during the winter month this will give us a bigger audiance base and if you have any suggestions for speakers please let me know.  So far I have had Charles Jardine suggested and Paul Proctor again as we had him up last year.

Finally we get about 20 rods attend mostly trout but some salmon also.  We do tend to get glued to the pond but there is also lots of grass around which for trout casts can be just as effective and sometimes less distracting if you want to practice something in particular.

If I can help further please ask.  I will not be there until late tonight 13th as I have a piping festival to run.

Alberto Laidlaw

Hi Alberto

Just reading through a bit of the thread and can I confirm you meet every Thursday after 6:30 (I presume subject to weather being half decent)?

I manage a footy team and have training that night but if can get someone to stand in would love to get over as have a number of issues with my casting and whether some lines are suitable for my rod etc.




Mick Y

Yes we do meet as you thought. Weather is an issue for individuals to decide for themselves but some of us go along anyway. Mind you there were only two of us on Sunday past.

        Not sure if your post is suggesting you will be along tomorrow. I hope so. Tomorrow looks like being D Day for the future so it's important that we get as many interested parties as possible to come along, most especially long service attenders who have been part of the CC from the start, ie YOU , as well as newer members and the always very welcome newcomers.
  The weather forecast is not too great for tomorrow but improving later in the day. But the main thing will be to decide how we proceed.


Seven out last night and it would have been eight if the bold Tom R hadn't had his car rammed by a lunatic.



In London this thursday but can probably make some thursday appearances after this week!


Can't make it I'm afraid, off on a works jolly this Thursday

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