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Hints and tips section

Started by Wildfisher, June 15, 2005, 06:06:01 PM

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Had a few requests for a "hints and tips"  section. Not only hints and tips for beginners (in fishing you are never anything else anyway), but for everyone.

Please impart your knowledge and wisdom here! New thread for every subject please.


Nice one!!

And can people remember everyone else my not be up with the terminology!!



Does anyone on the forum know how to secure felt soles on waders. One of my soles parted company yesterday at Harperrigg and the only good bit is it came off in one piece, no damage, so the sole is complete, but how to get the damned thing back on again? Is there a particular adhesive thats needed?. Any (helpful) suggestions welcome.
                      Anyway, tightstring Greenwell, aka Flipper :?


Allan, I suspect you're probably not winding me up but ----------PARCEL TAPE?????? :shock:  Seriously,I take it you mean the parcel tape is to secure the felt while the aquasure is setting? I keep a tube of this stuff in case I ever need to patch a wader but I had never thought about it as an adhesive for soles. Is it able to withstand the rough handling the soles would get; where I fish almost every other step is either onto or into the side of a boulder, both underwater and on the shoreline. Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll give it a try :)
                            Anyway tightstring, Greenwell.



You are right. Alan means you should wrap the tape around the upper and sole to get a good solid bond.

I've been using an adhesive called E6000. It is stronger and cheaper than Aquasure and is waterproof and flexible. Costs ?4.75 a 3.7 oz. tube from here:
Protect the edge.


Thanks for the info, haresear, I'll have a look at that site once I've logged off here.
    Anyway, tightstring, Greenwell.


i have been making my own casts up,using 12lb 8lb and 6lb,nylon equal lenghs,and my dropper is 6lb but i gather this is wrong,can anyone tell me a basic cast to make up, should i finish with 4lb, im fishing lochs mostly,
and im using 2 flies, i have bought a couple of tapered casts but havnt tried them yet, would i have to nail knot these,as they look awful thick to put a loop in them,im worried that if  i get a fankle i will have to cut it off and start again
and what is a tippet? is it another name for a leader
im sorry these questions are basic, but it is very annoying to keep changing leaders,

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