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** Past Don Trust Auctions *** Nielsen Powerflex 7 pc. 8 foot #4 Travel Rod

Started by Wildfisher, December 06, 2009, 02:40:51 PM

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Closes this evening .................. time = when I remember  (auld age)   :D ...... last chance for a great deal on great wee poacher's rod and line   :makefun  and to help secure the future for  the hungry wee Don troots. ..............  :lol:

past caring

Oh, you wet, you weed, you mite! I will utterly tough you up!


On behalf of all the salmon (parr)  I catch in the Don next season - thanks Simon...... :D

Highest  bid so far - ?90


The Auction Is Now Closed!

Winner is Past Caring with a bid of ?90

Well done Simon and thanks.  :D


Thanks from the RDT to all involved. Your efforts are very much appreciated


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