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DDSFB Monthly reports

Started by machar, July 06, 2010, 08:45:57 PM

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An encouraging Don District Salmon Fishery Board's June report can now be read on the River Don Trust web site


It's really good to see the sea trout coming back to the river in numbers, at least for this year. I'm told the Deveron has also  been good.

The  lost 8lb brown  I heard about from the ghille although I'm sure he said it was one of a party of Norwegian visitors I met in Alford and sent up there. Oddly,  another visitor ( a German I beleive) lost a similar sized fish  in the same spot last season. I have to say I'm a bit sceptical  about stating the weight  of lost fish though. Even landed fish  can be very difficult to estimate unless measurements are taken.  That said most of the trout I lose on the Don are around the 8 lb mark.  Honest guv.  :lol:


Aye that makes a very positive read indeed  :D

That said I was somewhat amused by the implied suggestion about the local seal population being such a bad lot, in the coastal fishing section:

QuoteI was also informed they have had quite a few remains of pieces of salmon that the seals have left behind in his nets, often the heads have been bitten off just leaving the carcase

Could this perhaps have something to do with the fish being stuck in a net in the first place?
Sadly my 7' 5 weight that killed fascists is deceased!



Quote from: tomcatin on July 07, 2010, 09:28:04 AM
That said I was somewhat amused by the implied suggestion about the local seal population being such a bad lot, in the coastal fishing section:

This is by no means an attitude unique to the Don and indeed  begs the question that if  seals / fish eating birds et al  are such a problem why are the runs of fish the best they have been for years? Truth is fisherman, and especially  salmon fishing interests where there is serious money involved, are never happy, always wanting more and will always find something to point the finger at. This is a very dangerous game in my opinion and is the fast track to losing support, even support  from  lateral thinking anglers, but more importantly public support. As soon as that happens the battle for angling  is  lost.   Habitat improvement including control and removal of non indigenous predators is surely the way to go?  Get that right and nature  will balance the native flora and fauna as it did long before we started messing it up.


The Don District Salmon Fishery Boards reports for July and August are now on the River Don Trust website here


The latest very positive DDSFB monthly report is now available to read  here


The Don District Salmon Fishery Board October report is now availble to read at


The February report of the Don District Salmon Fishery Board can be read here


Well said, Fred, couldn't agree more!
Bruce Sandison

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