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DDSFB Monthly reports

Started by machar, July 06, 2010, 08:45:57 PM

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The March 2011 report of the DDSFB can now be read on the River Don Trust web site here


The 2011 river stocking report of the DDSFB can be read on the River Don Trust site here


DDSFB Habitat Report

As part of our ongoing action plan on habitat improvement please read the attached report from Jim Kerr DDSFB Superindendant regarding the Leochal Burn --Here


That's an excellent report  by Jim Kerr. That burn is close to where I live  and like others in the area it has been abused by some farmers who allow their stock to erode the banks, dump their junk, plough  to within inches of the water  and generally appear to have little respect for anything except making money. It' not unique to up here of course, the same thing can be seen everywhere.


The latest DDSFB habitat report this time for the Goval Burn can be read here


The latest DDSFB monthly report can be viewed at


A positive habitat improvement report covering May and June can be read on the River Don trust website here

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