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Could be of interest

Started by Fishtales, July 30, 2010, 11:36:40 AM

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I extracted this from this SNH publication.

11.2 The Habitat Scheme operated by SOAEFD offers farmers within the watershed of the Don, Dee, Spey or Tweed payments for establishing margins of 6m - 20m width on improved grass or arable land. Stock are not permitted on the margin, which must be mown, with the cuttings disposed of responsibly and not fed to stock. Arable land entered into the Habitats Scheme on or after 1 July 1995 can count towards a farm's eligible Arable Area. Contact the local SOAEFD office for clarification.

11.3 Under the Arable Area Payments Scheme, guaranteed set-aside (or flexible set-aside, which is less valuable for wildlife) can be used to establish field .margins of 20m_ minimum width and at least 0.3 ha in area. This can be sited alongside watercourses and waterbodies and is subject to the management rules for guaranteed set-aside.

Farmers are always looking for ways to get money for very little effort :)

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