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Genetic Variation In Trout

Started by Wildfisher, September 15, 2011, 09:03:07 PM

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whinging pom

Suprised no one picked up on this. Certainly hoped plenty watched it.
When in 2015 stocked trout will have by law to be triploid, Prof Fergusons lecture gives a great justification while it is essential to preserve these strains and stop diluting them. Hope fully the WFF members with this kind of info will be less knee jerk and more measured than the guys on the FFF who crying foul play and missunderstanding the technology as frankenstien science, gave some of the most blinkered opinionated, illinformed, daily mail style arguments.
i can see why prof Fergusons a slap head, he must have spent years pulling it out in shear frustration of such ignorance .

If you havent watched this do try and stick with it, this info will be crucial in the decision making of our fisheries in a few years time, and if the global warming trend continues, will be essential to the survival of the trout in our islands.

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