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big Crustaceans Found in Deep Sea

Started by Darwin, February 03, 2012, 05:25:24 AM

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Euch ! Don't fancy having to eat one of those in a bush tucker trial  :o


Just lightly steam the buggers and they'll be fine. Look like they've plenty meat on them.


'til a voice as bad as conscience,
rang interminable changes,
on an everlasting whisper,
day and night repeated so-
"Something hidden, go and find it,
Go and look beyond the ranges,
Something lost beyond the ranges,
Lost and waiting for you,

bushy palmer

He added: "We've no idea how many are down there but we've eaten 15 of them so far."


I hope the answer is Sixteen or more!



I love seafood but they just don't have the same appeal as Langoustines French style with fresh  buttered bread, real  mayonnaise and lemon


Dunno about that Jim,

They look worse than a white pudding supper and you'd need a lot of broon sauce for one of them !  :lol:


If I had one of those cooked on a plate would I be greedy asking for chips?
fishing is a way of life .


Oh no, good chips should be served with everything :)

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