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River Don Trust

Started by machar, February 18, 2012, 03:28:37 PM

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Don in a Day

On 12th May the river Don will be the focus of an exciting and unique project that may even have the potential to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.
Stationed along different stretches of the river, a group of enthusiastic photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, will be capturing the 82 mile long Don and its nearby communities from source to sea.
The idea behind this project is to raise the profile of the Don and celebrate its diversity, rich environment and history, and the people who work and live in harmony with its landscape.
Nothing like this has ever been attempted before. The photos from the day, at least one per mile, will be showcased on 31 May in a widescreen HDTV multi-media presentation at the launch of the Aberdeen 2017 exhibition in Belmont Street, alongside a printed photo exhibition.
Lesley Cruickshank, who started the 'Don Diversity Collective' in February 2013, is very excited at the prospect of this one day event. "The River Don is well loved by many but seen by few. We plan to change this. Long term we are planning more exhibitions in Donside, and have already secured spaces in addition to Belmont Street. We also would like to work with communities and businesses to help raise the Don's profile."
Lesley is delighted to have secured the partnership of the Don Trust and Don District Salmon Fisheries Board. Jim Kerr, superintendent says this about the project "We think this is a very exciting project that we are delighted to be involved with. This project is highlighting the work of the Trust and Board's conservation and habitat improvement work and actively contributing to raising the profile this hidden gem. It's great to see such an enthusiastic group who are passionate about the river and we wish them every success in achieving their goals."
The Donside Diversity Collective is inviting Donside residents to join this project. What matters most is your personal view not the technical equipment; mobile phones are just as welcome as DSlr's. All participating photographers will be credited for their work. The group is also looking for auditory artists who would be able to supply material for a unique background soundtrack, featuring the sounds, music and poetry of the DonValley.
For further details or to join the group, visit their Facebook page 'Don diversity collective' or alternatively contact the group coordinator Lesley Cruickshank via

See poster here


Sounds nice, although I am not clear on the point of it. All you have to do is ensure that everyone pulls up an invasive weed and takes a carrier bag along to collect rubbish and you are on a real winner!


Here is a link to the April 2013 Association of Salmon Boards and River Trusts of Scotland Newsletter




NEWS RELEASE 17 May 2013

Offshore tackles onshore
River Don Trust and Bibby Offshore unite to deliver volunteer programme to assist with river restoration

The River Don Trust has teamed up with volunteers from Bibby Offshore, a subsea installation provider for operators worldwide, to deliver and expedite practical restoration works as part of the Trust's ongoing initiative to improve the physical habitat of the Don catchment.

This co-operation has already achieved, in the last few months, barrier clearance and easement to improve fish migration as well as invasive plant control. Further works are planned in the coming months including more obstacle easements, invasive plant control and tree planting.

River Don Trust Biologist Jamie Urquhart explained: "This relationship is of great benefit to all involved. It really is a 'win, win' situation. We are able to push ahead promptly with practical improvements to promote biodiversity. The volunteers, who show great enthusiasm and dedication, have the opportunity to learn new skills whilst undertaking some moderate exercise and seeing immediate practical improvements as a result of their efforts in the great outdoors."

Mr Urquhart continued: "We are ambitious in our goals and there is no doubt that we will be able to complete restoration projects, many of which are labour-intensive, far more quickly with the invaluable help of dedicated volunteers, such as those from Bibby Offshore. We would welcome hearing from anyone who would also like to assist with important works aimed at restoring habitat and improving future fish numbers."

Gary Sutherland, Dive Technician at Bibby Offshore, added: "As a volunteer helping the Don Trust with its projects, I found the day a great experience and look forward to participating in further events later in the year. I think all the Bibby volunteers who took part enjoyed themselves and were proud of what they achieved."

Bibby Offshore has also signed up enthusiastically to the Trust's first-ever Salmon in the Office programme, which it is running in conjunction with the popular Salmon in the Classroom programme. This has provided the Trust with a unique opportunity to increase awareness of its work with both staff and visitors to Bibby Offshore – through the installation of a fish tank set up in the foyer of the company's Aberdeen office – and how volunteering can have a highly positive on the Don catchment and its fish stocks.


Issued on behalf of the River Don Trust by Andrew Graham-Stewart (tel nos 01863 766767 and 07812 981531). For further information contact Jamie Urquhart, Biologist for the River Don Trust, on 07860 846999.

Read more:




Don Diversity Collection

The Don Diversity Collective will be launching their premier exhibition on the 2nd of June from 2pm till 6pm at the Kintore Arms Hotel, Inverurie Don in the Day following their Don in the Day photography epic.
In addition they have a launch at the 2017 City of Culture Venue in Belmont Street, Aberdeen and have been asked to run events between the 9th and 17th of August. 
They are also making a video collaboration to show-case their Don in a Day photos, an entire profile of the river. This short film will be featured as part of our first exhibition on 2nd of June in Inverurie.


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