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What's Your Strangest Catch

Started by hopper, December 09, 2012, 09:58:05 PM

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Simon Everett

On my father-in-law's stream (they are farmers) I was dry fly fishing for the brownies and chubb. I was trying to get a long line up one pool because of the lack of access further up due to the steep bank and my forward cast stopped dead. Then all hell broke loose. I turned around ot see one of the heifers bucking around and charging off, emptying my little reel with me in hot pursuit. I managed to hold tight and break the 3lb Maxima.  I've done the same with the dog before too. She didn't make quite so much fuss.


Had I great laugh reading through these .
I have been broken by a White goat hooked on the back cast while fishing the Derbyshire Wye many years ago .
Ive also had several bats over the years but thankfully as I hate them, but all but 1 have released themselves .

The strangest incident is when I "lassoed" an 11" brownie , I hooked a fish that fought like something huge on eventually landing it it was an 11" fish that had fought like something many times larger . When unhooking, the line was under the hook barb and the loop this formed was around the "wrist" of the fish just before the tail !

The funniest was when coarse fishing in my teens on a wide piece of river ledgering I cast out my rig with about 6 maggots on the hook and was waiting for the splash as the bait landed by the far bank only to discover that I had hooked my mate in the eye lid ! We cut the line leaving the hook in and went to the local A & E still with all the maggots on ! The nurse wouldn't touch the hook before I removed the maggots.

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