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Tomdoun Hotel

Started by Inchlaggan, April 11, 2013, 12:12:26 PM

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Quote from: bibio1 on June 01, 2015, 09:09:36 AM
Now you can commute that. Even a days fishing north of Inverness is doable.

Indeed it is. Joe and I have fished the Fiag River  up at Merkland on a day trip from Aberdeenshire. Good roads and low traffic densities make it a snip. Combine that with high accommodation prices,  poor value for money, dreadful weather,  ugly windfarms etc and it becomes clear why these hotels have been dropping like flies. It's just the way it goes, things change.


Anyone have any info on has a lovely new web page


This came by email this morning

QuoteGood morning Mr Montgomery,

Thank you for your enquiry about staying with us on the Tomdoun Estate for a week of Fly Fishing and the sole use of luxury accommodation at Tomdoun Sporting Lodge for your party of eight.  Our Estate Ghillie looks forward to welcoming you where we can offer a tailor made package to suit your requirements.  Our price for the week inclusive is £12,000.

We find our customers have varying requirements on Tomdoun Estate from our tailor made package(s) through to the use of any facility we have on offer which you will have seen on our Website.

You are welcome to email or telephone me on Mobile -  07966 649916 for any further discussion.

With kind regards

Angela Barrett
T O M D O U N    E S T A T E

Bit out my price range but pretty sure you will get those daft Americans & Arabs willing to pay that sort of money


Only 12K to fish for bandies and get eaten alive with midgies. Not bad at all, I could only get 3 trips to NZ for that.  :lol:


QuoteOnly 12K to fish for bandies and get eaten alive with midgies. Not bad at all, I could only get 3 trips to NZ for that.

Exactly Fred but surly they must have done some homework on pricing in that area it does seem extremely over the top. You're not even getting a pop at one of those big red beasties that apparently, we have too many off, If that's the case then cull them but sell off at a lower price venison in the central belt is pretty high value meat.
Still 12 grand for wee Davie to be at your beckoning call 24 hours a day, and of course the fantastic bandy fishing that comes with it   


A wealth of wonderful trout fishing in magnificent scenery in this country,some remote lovely wee unsung rivers that can produce salmon too,my money would be on a good pair of boots and gaitors


If you make the price high enough some will go based on the exclusivity so they don't have to mix with common people like us.   :roll:

I for one have no desire to spend time at dinner with Annunziata Rees-Mogg or her brother Jake. For me it will always be the double  lamb shank in the Twizel Bistro with riff-raff like Alex Laurie and John Boyles.  :lol:


If only I had 7 friends.......
:D :D :D


It's all about exclusion of the native people.
Simple as that.!

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