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The con - part 24

Started by otter, April 12, 2013, 12:22:18 PM

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It was September now, the seventh and last competition was on the horizon. The scoring could not be closer. Jimmy, Liam and Father Brennan were equal on 54 point's, the final competition would be the decider.

The revenge committee arranged for their final meeting in Lavelle's the evening before the great event. Sean was in great form and had even organised some finger food to go with a bottle of champagne that he had been minding for several months. Liam's laptop was cabled into the flat screen television, paused at the opening scene. Sean collapsed laughing as he read the title "The Outlaw, Jimmy Egan." 'Hang the bastard. When you show this to the committee there will be hell to pay.'
Liam had done a fantastic job editing the video and the completed article was only nine minutes long. He had reversed some of the sequences showing Jimmy reversing back from the car and putting the trout into the tank. With such incriminating evidence Jimmy could deny nothing.

Father Brennan waited for Sean to calm down before speaking; 'Great job lads, we will deliverer the Coupe de grace at the committee meeting after the last competition, speaking of which, the winner is yet to be decided;' taking a coin from his pocket he tossed it in the air and caught it. 'Heads you win Liam;' opening his cupped fingers Sean and Liam leaned over to look; 'Heads it is Liam, our very own, Liam O'Brien will be angler of the year;' said Father Brennan; Sean shook Liam's hand; 'Fair play to you Liam, I always knew you were good enough;' winking at Father Brennan; 'our own cheating bastard;' all three howled with laughter and sunk the last of the champagne.

D-Day, 10th September, once again the intrepid pair hid in the trees alongside Jimmy's property. They did not bring the video camera with them today. Enough footage had already been recorded. Jimmy with a spring in his step carried four four pounders to his car, he was assured of victory.

The text went to Sean "Sean, Mary O'Neil needs 15lbs of sugar to make her jam"

Jimmy's hands shook as he readied the scales for the weigh in. It had been harder this year but the Angler of the Year award would find its rightful place on the shelf that awaited it in his fishing basement. A full row, he would start a new line the following season. So eager was he to receive his applause that he weighed his own mighty bag first. Sixteen pounds, Eleven ounces of wild brown trout. Father Brennan whistled and got in a comment before Mick and that was no mean feat; 'Well done Jimmy, wonderful wild trout, we are so lucky to have such a productive river;' Jimmy grinned; 'indeed Father, you just need a little skill to find them;' 'Indeed Jimmy, you need to know the river like you know your own back yard;' Liam had to turn away, unable to keep a straight face at this comment.

Liam retrieved his bag from the car and immediately there was a hushed silence, all realising that Liam had a fine bag of trout. One by one Jimmy's trembling hands placed the trout on the scales and with a distinct tremor in his voice he called out the weight, seventeen pounds and two ounces. Mick raised a mighty roar; 'the greatest bag of trout ever to come out of the river..... and three of them are..... wild. Who would have believed it possible?'

Jimmy was crestfallen and whispered; 'any more trout to be weighed; 'Father Brennan nodded, walked to his car and returned with his bag; 'I only caught one lads;' he said as he lifted his trout and placed it on the scales. Liam stared at the scales, unable to fathom where the trout had come from. Seven pounds and one ounce, bigger than any trout they had put in the tank at Lavelle's. With an incredulous look on his face he turned to Father Brennan; 'A beauty Liam, as wild as the wind. It is a mighty river that can produce a trout like that;' Liam simply shook his head and stared at the trout, they all stared at the trout. 'That's it for another season;' announced Jimmy; 'committee meeting next Wednesday, eight PM'

Father Brennan and Liam watched the Ferrari accelerate up the road. 'Wednesday night, the premiere of "The Outlaw, Jimmy Egan", our revenge will be complete;' said Liam. Father Brennan placed his arm around Liam's shoulder; 'Not quite Liam. The vote on the stocking is more important than revenge, we will visit him to-morrow night and ensure that he votes against it;' Liam was less than pleased at this deviation from the plan and protested loudly; 'I am not against the stocking and despite the great fish that you caught I am unsure if the river had enough wild trout ensure good fishing.'

Father Brennan almost lost his temper; 'She can and she will and you will vote to make sure no more vermin trout are ever placed in the river;' he tossed Liam a coin and told him to examine it. Liam gasped, both sides were heads. 'That's why you won Liam and that's why you will vote with me.' Liam looked at the old priest; 'By god, I have been dancing with a devil, is no one safe from your deviousness;' Father Brennan was rather pleased with his ingenuity; 'I told you Liam, the devil is in the detail and when it comes to detail I am a master craftsman. When I teach you about real fly fishing next season, you will thank me. Tomorrow evening, Jimmy Egan's house, eight O'clock, be there and bring the movie.'


Yip I bit the bullet and downloaded the Popes Publication House eBook - I won't spoil it though...


Great read, well done on the finished book.

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