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Sod's Law

Started by mackiia1, January 08, 2014, 09:44:57 PM

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Have you ever been out for a days fishing and no matter what you do you can't get a fish , while your boat partner can do no wrong. It happens to me -  quite a bit actually  :? :roflmao
One day on Corrib a few years ago - myself and my regular boat partner were fishing in a secluded bay in near perfect conditions. The first fish we saw was approaching us at my partners side of the boat so my pal covered the fish . Up came the fish and took his fly and my pal was into his first fish of the day - a really good fish. 20 minutes later the same thing happened and my pal had his second fish. Over the next  2 hours , my pal had 5 good fish to the boat and had lost 3 more. I hadn't even covered a fish.
I prayed for a chance to cover at least one fish and my chance duly arrived.
On spotting a fish out to my side of the boat I told my pal not to cast ( to avoid a tangle ) and I  covered the fish. The fish then changed direction and was now moving across in front of us . I lifted my flies and placed them 10 feet in front of the fish. He showed again about 3 feet in front of my flies and I was sure he would  take my fly next. he must see it !! But he didn't - he swam past my fly and took my partners fly which just happened to be floating aimlessly in front of the boat .
Startled , my pal lifted his rod and was into another good fish - I couldn't believe it , and the big grin on my pals face made me want to give him a good smack  :(   - jammy git  :shock:.
Me : no fish - my partner : 6 fish for about 18 pounds.
That's Sod's Law for you. :dunno :dunno

rannoch raider

Wow! Six fish for eighteen pounds on a big wild lough is the stuff of dreams!


Quote from: rannoch raider on January 08, 2014, 10:08:08 PM
Wow! Six fish for eighteen pounds on a big wild lough is the stuff of dreams!
Really - I had nightmares about it :D :D :D

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