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One pot recipes - Wild camping

Started by Wilder the Better, July 25, 2014, 05:32:32 PM

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Wilder the Better

I find that one of the downsides of wild camping is the challenge of creating nice food - I would be very interested if you could share any recipes for meals that can practically be carried in a rucksack, require no refrigeration and are not too heavy. Only very occasionally do I take a trout for the plate.

My favourite is:

Fry an onion with diced chorizo sausage in a frying pan. Add peppers and chilli flakes. Cook til it looks cooked. Add some couscous - stir in some water and hey presto


bushy palmer

Depends on how much you do.

I found the answer to the dilema in the form of a food dehydrator which means I can virtually carry any meal I like and it'll weigh no more than a pot noodle.

I recently went on an 7 day expedition and carried enough (BIG) meals for two people in a standard carrier bag.

We planned all our meals in advance and factored in whether or not we'd be roadside, campsite or out in the sticks in order to plan whether heavy tins or super light dehydrated food would be more appropriate.

Here's our main meals prior to leaving:


top row: chorizo jambalaya - chicken and vegetable couscous
2nd row: Ham and vegetable macaroni- tinned chicken curry with dehydrated rice
3rd row:  chili macaroni- beef curry (not in picture) and tatties
4th row: beef and beer stew- Tinned haggis and dehydrated mashed tatties
5th row: yellow split pea dahl- tinned tatties and spicy turkey rice (not in picture)
6th row: pasta bolognese- dehydrated pasta with tinned meatballs
7th row: tuna pasta bake

Can I tell you- I don't think I've ever eaten so well :D


Best blae berries I ever found were on the shores of Loch Laidon in August. Loads of them, far better than the fishing.  :lol:


Quote from: Alan on July 25, 2014, 07:41:26 PM
You just ramped up the whole camp food thing to professional levels :8)

Surely you can't  have forgotten John "Saffron" Riverchatter?   :lol:


Ive tried this it works for most things canned in oil or added to the can .  Sb
Hot meal with no cooker , gas or pots to carry :)

Wilder the Better

The food dehydrator sounds interesting - an expensive piece of kit? How does it work? I'll give the porridge a go.
Any others?


Can of sardines in chilli sauce mixed with 2 sachets salad cream, stirred into cooked pasta

Eh voila

bushy palmer

Quote from: Wilder the Better on July 25, 2014, 08:12:38 PM
The food dehydrator sounds interesting - an expensive piece of kit?

It's like everything I suppose- you can spend as much or as little as you like. My one's massive (15 square foot of drying space) and cost around £300 all in. You can get good ones for £100

corsican dave

curried tuna:
1 tin tuna in oil in zip loc bag (although the tins aren't that heavy, but you've got to carry them out)
2 x (if you're hungry) cheap instant noodles ie the 20p a packet ones from lidl or similar. you can crush these down a bit and put them in another zip loc bag
curry sachets from noodles (i prefer to check there's no flavour enhancers in these, but most times they're surprisingly good)
more curry powder if required (i prefer hot, and i also like a couple of cardomon pods and some turmeric)
garlic paste (in tube)

boil water and cover noodles. put on plate to one side while they absorb water
oil in pan and gently heat garlic paste. a good dollop. add spices. gently cook
add tuna and cook well, coating in the oil/spice mixture
once cooked, add re-constituted noodles, stir well to heat through and serve

this recipe was shown to me by a mate who was serving with the gurkhas. it's been my staple camping food for years. i'll sometimes even cook it at home!

you can get all cheffy with adding the spices in at different times etc and it works really nicely with a salad or fried greens; but its main joy is the simplicity.
If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're probably doing something wrong - John Gierach


guy in Dundee who sells army surplus is selling army 24 ration packs for£7 that's a good buy don't know which ones but ive tried a few of them and they are brilliant I think! its advertised in todays courier in articles for sale.

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