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Lunan Run Starts Early

Started by Wildfisher, October 09, 2014, 06:11:40 PM

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I was back down to both dams this morning for a look. The river is roaring down and filthy. Didn't see a single fish. Perhaps they don't run if they can't see where they are going.   :D


Fish running again this morning. A couple very nice browns, a few sea trout and one grilse which was like a chrome bar. Not a single fish made it over the weir and I checked farther upstream at another small fall and didn't see a fish there.

Best at HD720 full screen


Some very nice fish among them Fred, what sort of weight would you put on the sea trout.




It's very hard to say Colin, there is nothing to gauge them against. I'd guess the biggest would have been a few pounds. They could certainly jump!


I know you are not seeing fish getting over the dam but they must be or there must be a huge amount of fish in that pool below it. Great to see silver fish in the film.

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