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Dying capes

Started by Lochan_load, November 12, 2014, 08:54:25 PM

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Lovely colour Pete, another nice one to have in the box. Did you find lots of splits in the jc cape after you dyed it?


for the first bash with new dye I'm happy too, to be honest, the cape wasn't the best to start with, i just do the same as always ,bring the water to the boil then cut the gas,add dye and acetic along with feathers then just let everything steep for as long as you dare..


About the same Pete but I keep the gas at a peep to keep it hot, maybe best to cut it when I do Jc in future. I got lots of splits when I did it but tbh I tie with splits 99% of the time anyway, prefer them for wets. Only really use full eyes on salmon flies and I don't tie many. Like the look of that dye, I'll give it a try when I get back to tying.


nice one andy, its strong stuff, £4.99 for a batch, seems great value.


Dyed up some deer hair, kingfisher blue and dark blue. The kingfisher blue didn't really take to the tips of the hair, even a good long soak in the dye bath.




that's usable Robbie,I've only dyed blue deer hair over bleached looked ok..

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