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Single Handed Off Shoulder Spey Casting

Started by speydulika, August 19, 2015, 08:51:21 PM

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Nice casting.  You make it look easy although it's not.  :D


You may of course need an option from a right hand bank with a downstream wind. The Snake Roll is very efficient indeed and big direction changes are really easy:

A small grilse actually hits the fly about ten minutes into the full video clip but I manage to lose it. I did manage my first fish of the week however about 5 minutes after unstrapping the camera from my chest. The rod by the way is a G loomis NRX 10ft single hander. I was given it last week to chuck around and must confess that I am absolutely overwhelmed with it. Thus far I have landed 5 grilse with it.


I use the snake roll myself from time to time, with a bit of practice it's not too hard to get the hang of. 


Double Spey may of course be your thing and if it is here's a little bit more from my demonstration:

The trick with all waterborne anchors and the reason that a lot of anglers make excessive noise with the cast and with other waterborne anchor casts such as the Snap T and Circle Cast is failing to lift the rod which unsticks line just before making the sweep. If the rod is lifted then on the sweep the line should effectively just peel from the water with minimum disturbance. On the first Double Spey that I deliver I deliberately make a shallow placement to demonstrate to my clients the difficulties that can be encountered by not having enough line in to push into the D loop. This was an issue that one of my party suggested that he frequently encountered. On the other 2 casts stronger emphasis is placed on pushing lots of line upstream.

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