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Wagyu Burgers

Started by Noddy, August 23, 2015, 12:57:21 AM

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If you've not tried them yet Aldi have Wagyu burgers on sale again this Thursday.  Superb when barbecued, forget your quarter pounder this beats it by miles.



Jim  had to google lol thought it was a P**h take  :lol:



They are on the menu along the road from us at Andy's Cromlix Hotel. I don't know where the Aldi burgers are sourced but there is now a biggish herd of Wagyu are at the Crieff road end with the Arabs of Highland Spring, and Keir and Cawder and so on. All the best of it is going to London or wherever they can get top dollar prices and the rest ground for these de-luxe burgers. The herd itself is said to be costing a fortune to operate.
That said, they are supposed to be mighty good burgers !!! :D :D
~  <°))))):><       ~   <°))))):><


Well when I heard the name Wagyu I was expecting some strange Middle Eastern breed with 6 legs and 2 tails. Wasn't I surprised when I googled it. :lol:


Aldi source their Wagyu from New Zealand, the cattle are only fed on grass.



The quality of meat and produce in New Zealand is very high. I might nip along to Aldi in Forfar tomorrow.


The burgers are not on offer until Thursday.



Forgot to mention if your buying the Wagyu burgers make sure that you buy the Brioche buns to go with them.  Lightly toast the bun and slap in the burger.


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