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Emergency! Need a bed in tongue!

Started by Lochan_load, August 09, 2016, 10:56:22 AM

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Does anyone have any idea where I can stay up at tongue at short notice, both hostels are full. I've left it last minute so only myslef to blame  :? Dont want to spend a lot so any other hostels reasonably close or a b&b would be good, I've phoned the crash to see what they offer but no answer, does anyone know if they're still open and what roughly they charge? It looks a bit wet to camp comfortably so worst comes to the worst I'll be in the car!

corsican dave

good job you got the syntax right there. made me look twice... :lol:

sorry, I know that doesn't help much  :roll:
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I'm pretty sure the Crask is on limited opening and they are not the best at answering the phone. I'd try them again a few times before giving up.

Otter Spotter

Mackays Rooms in Durness along the road a bit but decent digs and you have the limestone lochs on the doorstep.

Google reveals - 'Loch Shin Wigwams' pricey for one though
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Had thought about Durness ....ill have a look


Accommodations a bit scarce but managed to get the bunkhouse in Durness tomorrow night and a room at the bettyhill hotel for Thursday for a grand total of 69 quid ( and considering the title of this thread quite an appropriate number ;) ) this time tomorrow night I'll be fishing caladail with a day at croispol on Thursday and then a couple of lochs over at tongue on the way's a tough life!

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