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Tennis elbow

Started by Ardbeg, September 16, 2010, 11:52:34 PM

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Quote from: admin on December 07, 2016, 04:21:59 PM
The steroids and above all  rest should fix it Liam. You have months before the fishing gets going in earnest. Maybe think about lighter gear too. I'm sure it was Alex who told me he had issues due to fishing with heavy rods and lines - in the sea for mullet I think. Get yourself a #4 weight, it's heavy enough  for most Scottish fly fishing in fact last time I was in NZ I fished with a #4 Sage Z-Axis most of the time and comfortably handled much bigger trout than you encounter here most of the time.

it was actually through pike fly fishing for too long one day using heavy gear one day that caused my tennis elbow. I did as you have said, drop down to  using #3 and#4 rods of no more than 9 feet and my tennis elbow settled down after a long time.

As it happens I now seem to have golfers elbow too in my left elbow (self-diagnosed) which may be something to do with playing too much guitar with poor technique. I recently changed the length of the guitar straps to to see if this helps change the angle my elbow assumes. I'll try swallowing some Dicloflex anti-inflammitories too to see if that helps.

I'm glad it is my left elbow and not my right as my next and probably final trip to New Zealand is now just over four weeks away :D

Protect the edge.

corsican dave

Quote from: haresear on December 07, 2016, 04:53:44 PM
my next and probably final trip to New Zealand is now just over four weeks away :D

slipped that one in nicely, Alex...  :wink:  :8)
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Sometimes you can help both forms of epicondylitis by using some stress  point therapy - never really believed it until I tried it. Not a universal panacea but less invasive than steroids. For medial epicondylitis (golfers) turn your palm upwards with your lower arm flat on a table and clench your fist to find the flexor muscle. Once you have found it relax your fist and feel for a "knot" usually about 1 1/2 inches below the elbow and apply direct pressure to it until it relaxes. Still need to use your brace etc as well - I've also found Elements type of brace very helpful. I always thought there might be an element of total BS in this but the concept worked well in horse injuries and my elbows are fine now!


I think you will find extra thickness on the rod handles a help. I have tape on several rods and extra grip tape on all my badminton racquets. It makes quite a difference. Hope the healing process continues.
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