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Open weekend

Started by superscot, February 26, 2017, 06:37:04 PM

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Rather than sit holding hands on the couch all weekend with her indoors maybe worth a wee visit to GAC open weekend ......maybe the odd bargain to be had details below



Meet the stars of fishing eh?

Must be Robson.    :lol:

loch coulter

Surprised Lochan Load is not among the tyers, and another guy i know off , Ross Murdoch, find him on f/book.


Ross Murdoch is very good, like his stuff. You'll find him and loads of other good stuff in the fly tyers community, it's a closed group on Facebook that's worth a look.
I'll take the compliment LC but not sure they'll be knocking my door down anytime soon!


I just had a look the  gallery of fishing stars   No Stan! Are they serious about this Open Weekend or are they not?   :lol:

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