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The Lakes

Started by superscot, June 25, 2019, 11:29:18 AM

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Just back from a 4 day break down in Keswick in the lake District a place I have to say never visited before. No fishing report as it was a rods free trip! We stayed at the Keswick Country house Hotel and have to say it was a very pleasant stay. No complaints whatsoever as the place was spotlessly clean staff polite and attentive and food piping hot. A stone throws away from Keswick village centre and central for a nice drive around the lakes. Plenty to do for all ages and planning to go back down later after the main holiday in a month or two and hopefully pack a couple of rods. Anyone fished this area before for some pointers .... 


Funnily enough I'm heading there with the caravan Thursday morning. Nice town and like you say plenty in the area. Taking a fly rod and keeping my fingers crossed I can get a cast. Would like a go at the river derwent but no idea how to get a ticket, if anyone knows I'd be grateful. Done a quick google search but couldn't see much about it.


I expect John Norris in Penrith will be to contact for a chat. Soldier Palmer, Liam, was there on the west side for many years. Been on the crags loads of times but not fished there.
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Many thanks for the info lads

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