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Kinloch hourn road

Started by Its Me, March 03, 2019, 10:32:15 AM

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Its Me

Any updates when the road will be reopened.
I read something that Highland Council said it would be reopened by I think was12 April but can't find it again.
I want to fish Quoich



Still closed, we have been told mid-April.
It is closed just beyond Kingie lodge with a gate to keep sightseers out.
They have conducted a number of explosions to break up boulders that were hanging over the road.
'til a voice as bad as conscience,
rang interminable changes,
on an everlasting whisper,
day and night repeated so-
"Something hidden, go and find it,
Go and look beyond the ranges,
Something lost beyond the ranges,
Lost and waiting for you,

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