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Wood oil

Started by Lochan_load, September 20, 2018, 06:25:21 PM

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I've spent the last couple of months cleaning and planing old maple floor boards to put down in the house, all being well I'll start laying them over the weekend, once they're down I want to oil them to seal/colour them. Know there's at least three wood work enthusiasts on here so wondering if you can advise me if that's the right road to go down and if so what kind of oil is good?




I know the others are going to disagree with me. It's expensive and a long process but I really like Danish oil. I would start off with a mix of that and white spirits for first few layers before the final layers of just the oil. It will take forever to dry and be sticky for a good while after but the finish is lovely.

Best bet would be a nice stain and a varnish finish for ease.


I've used Danish oil before, probably did it once a year in my old flat because my 2 Newfoundland's wreaked havoc with the flooring! Between the salt and the grit they brought in the floor was well sanded  :lol: be happy to use it again but thought it was worth finding if there's any alternatives that folk prefer or if there's stuff that you wouldn't be aware of unless you were "in the know"


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Many many products to choose from on this one !!! 
Look at Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil. Tung oil is the main part of the usual Danish Oils, but purer here and with a quicker drying time and lack of stickiness. Also think of Ronseal Floor Oil very quick to dry but probably a lot of coats required and maybe less robust than a wax mix. So the two other big names in "oil" finishes would be Osmo (used to be Osmocoat) who do very good quality waxoil mixture floor finishes, as also Finnes for a waxoil. These ones from Osmo have a combination harder finishing result with a good reputation. Give Osmo a ring and tell them what you have got to deal with and the stage you are at and they will give you sound advice.
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Thanks all, I'm leaning towards the osmo mixed wood finish stuff so far, the blurb reads well and can colour and coat in one. Just need to come to an agreement about colour with Mrs load   :worms


Danish or Tung oil if you have the time, start with a diluted version.
For the stuff I make (including furniture, but not floors) the mantra for the coats is "once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, once a year thereafter"- a lot of work.
The Osmo route would be my choice, but you are still going to need a number of coats. Treat regularly with Pledge Revive It, for a fairly hard wearing, high gloss, finish.
Consider a floor-cleaning machine- Karcher make a good one.
Good luck.
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