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The Imperative of Breeding

Started by Bobfly, May 24, 2024, 10:56:53 AM

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We are having the roof and its drainage completely redone and the house is surrounded by scaffolding with a three man squad clambering about.

Near the driveway is a movement triggered lamp over which I had put a small mesh guard as pigeons had taken a fancy to that as a nest ledge. The sparrows moved in and have been there throughout the year for several years.

Despite the noise and foot traffic and old slates being hurled into a skip 10 feet away the nest is a hive of activity with the birds seemingly entirely oblivious or perhaps completely determined to get on with it!

The scaffolding is being used as fresh perching. See photo 2 below of nest lamp and sparrow by the spar with yellow paint.
Well done the sparrows.
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So much for non-disturbance zones for vulnerable birds !!!
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