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Started by Wildfisher, April 01, 2020, 06:17:12 PM

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Can be a bit old fashioned maself, no doubt you guys would have some pipes in the background, I was thinking of a bit of Pink Floyd....................................


Old fashioned just seems to fit well with hill walking and fishing. I like Zeppelin, ACDC  and Lemmy as much as the next guy,  but Nick Drake and Bach's  Brandenburg Concertos sit better with wild fishing  :lol:


Well done Fred, a nice read class always triumphs. I was always taught by my parents if I was doing something do it with a bit of class to this day I still try not always successful but try I might.
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Thanks for the comments Alan that's very kind of you. :)


Stuirteag and mushy feet one of the old classics,must be the only person daft enough to have ever cast a line there :lol:


Quote from: lnelson20 on April 02, 2020, 02:20:15 PM
must be the only person daft enough to have ever cast a line there :lol:

Very likely Chris. Feckin barking.  :lol:



Quote from: admin on April 02, 2020, 12:40:31 PM
I was thinking about about getting a jetboil, but no rush for that new.  :lol:  You really can't beat a fresh cuppy on the hill. Even just stopping to go through the ritual is therapeutic and helps  make the day more relaxing.

I think you are right Fred, most of the reason I'm always making tea is to break up the day and slow things down a bit. It is amazing the stuff you see while having tea that you might have missed out on. David maybe has a better plan using the Kelly as the "ritual" around that is even more fun plus you get real flames and that's way ahead of the jetboil type devices :-)

For what it is worth I have an MSR Windburner and have been really impressed with it. I've never used a Jetboil so I can't compare the two which doesn't much help you but the MSR has pretty much met with my expectations. It isn't as much fun to use as David's Kelly but it is fast and efficient.

If you want to go really basic then for a long time I used a Crusader stove - it is basically a cup that sits on a dish with air holes and it was designed to burn hexamine. The Crusader is relatively slow compared to the Windburner but you do get a real flame. One thing that is useful with the Crusader is that you can burn chafing gel in it - it is the stuff used to keep breakfast warm in hotels and is basically alcohol with something to thicken it up a bit. As the catering industry use it so it is sold in big buckets for not much money and you can decant it into smaller containers for use in the field.


There is at least one jetboil clone that gets a good write up and is much less expensive than the original jetboil.


My stoves and making up are kept for camp. On the hill I take a plastic litre bottle of juice mix usually 70% water plus orange plus some ginger. Do not stop for a brew fishing or climbing just take a seat for an eats break. No-one I climbed with ever took tea making stuff except once when one guy took a Trangia on a winter traverse of An Teallach. We sat and had our first scoff stop on the first Munro top then made to press on at which point Andy's pot had a hint of warmth from some partly melted snow. We all laughed and he caught up an hour or more later when we thought we should really have a sit down and wait for him. Canoeing friends take all sorts of kit mostly Jetboil types of stoves and foodstuffs. Just taking drink means reducing weight carried during the day.
Fishing wise I only had proper pulling in lunches on Lough Mask where there are lots of islands with well used meal spots for the Kelly being used. Must be almost 9 years since I used it last.
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