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Fishing in Gairloch

Started by johnny boy, August 16, 2019, 12:10:17 AM

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johnny boy


Looking for some tips on where to fish in the gairloch area. Do the Gairloch Angling Club have a website? I see there is a booklet but am worried how recent it is.

So any suggestions welcome.


Hello Johnny
I have not fished there myself but when stuck with my boat in Gairloch a few years ago I asked around about local fishing. There were several recommendations for Loch Tollaidh from members of the Gairloch Angling Club; they said it had the best trout of their waters. Bit close to the road (A832) for you though!


Fished tollaidh a couple of years ago, it was fine but nothing for the glass case. Easy access to a boat at the road side. Brice sandisons book lists the wee hill loch behind (laraigh?) as being worth a visit but it's absolutely alive with 2oz trout and clegs!
Tickets are from the garage in gairloch but they were scarce for info. If I was in the area again I think I'd head up to the lochs behind cove. Tickets from the wee post office at pollewe before the bridge. I also fished Loch squod and had a couple of niceish trout but it's predominantly a sea trout water and I guess has suffered the same as Loch maree.

All the best



I fished one of the Gairloch waters last year I put up a post on her under Loch of the night. It's a bit of a hike into the hills about 6 miles each way but I found it worth it.


Best loch in the area is Loch nan Clachan Geala   at NG 85800 95335

It's not on the Gairloch permit.


I would head out to the cove lochs if I were you. Lots of water to fish and the moor is not to hard going.
I have a Loch which gave me a beautiful largish fish which will be the first Loch I go to next time I am out that way.
If you go anywhere off the beaten track up there you will find good fishing water.


johnny boy

 It appears tollaidh has tape at present 😔

Thanks for all the pointers guys.

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