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Taping Rod Joints

Started by Highlander, April 17, 2020, 09:51:24 PM

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Most people that tape the joints use standard PVC insulating tape but use this instead

Amalgamating Tape

It stretches & tries to return to it's original state is waterproof & seamless  Does not leave any residue when removed & the same piece can be used more than a few times, just cut about 8-12" from the reel (10m x 19mm) & wind tightly around the ferrule with slight over lap. Clockwise or anticlockwise depending if you are left or right handed caster
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Can't fish with confidence without taping the joints first.
Probably nonsense but works for me.

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I no longer bother taping joints. I uses two 6 piece Guideline NT8 salmon rods, stick them together on Monday morning, then pull them to bits with ease 2 weeks later. I check them first thing every morning, but they never move. Most modern rods are like that, and none of my friends tape joints.

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