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An insight into a master tier

Started by Wildfisher, October 19, 2021, 04:07:49 PM

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loch coulter

Hill loch gold

One of the best about and has been for years

Clan Chief

Yep! Comes across as a very humble and genuine guy! He is the Master. The best there is in my opinion
! Had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to him a couple of times at the GAC when he he used to do the demos there. Even got a one to one tying demo with him. I've learned so much from his video demos and is such an Inspiration!


I like him because he is so versatile always the sign of  good tier. Many so called "master tiers" whilst are good at the type they do struggle to tie any other types

Tight Lines
" The Future's Bright The Future's Wet Fly"

Nemo me impune lacessit


Oliver Edwards would be another master tier, but for me his flies are over complicated - almost model making. I would not fish with flies lke that simply because I don't believe they are necessary. Sod spending  an hour tying a fly then losing it up a tree.  :lol:

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