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Started by Wildfisher, October 19, 2021, 06:08:49 PM

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I got one secondhand last year. Vice plus very heavy square base, plus the table edge C clamp, plus the swing round bobbin cradle all for £100. Pleased with that !     
Nice to handle and a wide adjustment range. Not always that tight a hook hold so correct fine tuning required.
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I was also thinking about this one which looks a wee bit better although about £100 dearer


Had this vice for years and never had any issues with it at all, and have tied thousands of flees, 8s to 30s no problem

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I've had an anvil atlas since April. Its fairly decent but I think the jaws could be better. As Vaughan mentions the jaws need fine tuning. I like the rotary function which is great for winding on tinsel  bodies however any rotary vice will perform that function.


I do not have the Anvil but I do use the slightly cheaper Apex model from the same company.  An excellent vice & USA made. It too needed "fine tuning" but after that fine.
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@Admin what did you go for Fred? Stonfo Elite arrived yesterday, seems nicely made at the business end, wee bit of lateral movement in the base connection, I'll manage to bodge that if it affects tying at all.


I didn't buy anything Greg, just decided to stick with what I had


Often the right choice, instead of being sucked in by shine new syndrome! :-)


Exactly  I'm bad enough with fly rods  ;D

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