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Fly Culture Magazine

Started by Wildfisher, November 02, 2021, 03:33:34 PM

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I, at long last, got round to buying a copy of this quarterly magazine. At £9 it's not cheap, but don't confuse it with mags like FF&FT or T&S, this is more of a journal, heavy gauge print and meant to be collected and kept.

First impression was the service was excellent. It arrived in 2 days.

The quality of the articles is fine too and that's the really important bit.

The one thing that spoils it for me though is the print, or rather the microscopic font used. It makes reading it a real strain for me and for that reason and that reason only, I doubt I'll  buy it again.  T&S is small, FF&FT is yet smaller, but this really is micro print. I just don't get this thinking. Yes it uses less paper, but look at the demographic of anglers, here in the UK anyway, we are OLD and getting OLDER. Our eyesight is not going to be what it once was. Honestly I'd rather pay a bit more, add a few pages and have a bigger font that makes reading a less eye straining experience.

Considering the ever dwindling numbers and aging of anglers this might be something to think about.


I've thought about ordering it a few times but the price has always put me off.


The quality is good Scott it's just a shame it's so hard to read -  for me anyway


Haven't come across this one before Fred  - what kind of articles or features were in the edition you got?


Quite a  range Ian, trout, carp etc I still have a few to read. It is good, just a shame the type  is so tiny. This might not be an issue for some but it makes it a pain for me to read. The whole thing has a quality feel to it, meant to be kept like a book rather than read once  and chucked away.

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