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Making hopper legs

Started by Wildfisher, January 04, 2022, 02:29:38 PM

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This is interesting. I just buy them pre-knotted, but this tool would let you use all different feather types


Years ago I made a cunning small pointed wire hook from a long but quite soft dressmaking pin. It is set into a short  thin wooden dowel handle. Lets me tie knots quite readily.  Not dissimilar in technique.
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I to have a wee hook from a piece of wire set in a wooden dowel similar to Vaughans description. Before that I used a pair of tweezers. Works with rubber legs as well
Make a circle with the fibre & pull the fine end through & tighten.
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Davie McPhail has a video on tying legs with a Crochet hook here:

Barry Ord Clarke uses a knitting machine needle here:


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