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Maxcatch Lines And Reels

Started by Wildfisher, February 04, 2022, 11:25:26 AM

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I haven't tried Maxcatch lines or reels but I have bought and used a number of Mike Barrio's lines and found them to be excellent. Only issue I've had is with the colour change between the cream running line and olive head not being easy to see. However a quick run over with a permanent marker sorted that out.
Best thing about Mike's lines is the advice he gives on lines selection. I've asked him about the best line to suit a specific rod a few times, have followed his advice and never been disappointed.


I fished with a #4 wt Maxcatch Gold DT yesterday and found it was fine.

I've bought a few lines from Mike recently and found them excellent. His MK 2 lines are made in the USA - I don't think the UK has much left it the way of line manufacturers post coivd which is really sad.

Oddly enough I have just finished spooling one of Mike's Small Stream  lines and I'll take it out tomorrow if it's a decent day.

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