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Mercury outboard.

Started by Its Me, March 31, 2022, 08:48:08 PM

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Its Me

If not in correct section feel free to move.
I have just received a 2.2hp 2 stroke mariner outboard.
The impeller [new one fitted and spinning in right direction] is not pumping water up to the tell tail and if I blow down the tell tail air is going straight through, so no blockage.
I have done a service on outboard and running fine but this is the only problem now.
Can anyone come up with a fix.
   Thanks for any replies.


It's a few years since I had one of these good little motors but I remember a similar problem which turned out to be the water passages through the head were blocked with salt (I was using it in the sea :)). The engine would run perfectly for quite a while before stopping because of overheating.
Not sure if this helps you though!

Its Me

 Don't know if it has been used in salt or not as I got this as a freebie a few weeks ago.
I gave it a service and engine runs fine,only once did I have water running through the tell tail and thought I had it sorted but not to be. I will try and strip it down and have a look.


Not really familiar with that outboard. Problems related to impellers before include wrong sized impeller supplied by manufacturer or scarred casings which impeded the impeller.
Also not sure it applies to small HP outboards but I had a 65hp that did not pump until the temp reached a certain running temp.


Sounds like a blockage to me. Would it not be more prudent to take to a outboard mechanic to sort it out. Ok so it will cost a bit but a least you would get it fixed.
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I am not sure where you are based, but you could have a word with these folk who are very good. A good lighweight outboard which should have plenty lifespan.
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I'll second that company, I used them to sort out a wee problem with my Suzuki outboard couple of years back & have had no problems since. Did not cost be too much.
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" The Future's Bright The Future's Wet Fly"

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For initial diagnosis, pull the telltale hose from the block to check if the cooling water is exiting. If nothing then the water passages could be blocked. I've had some success using Wynns radiator flush to clear salt and grime.

I fixed a similar issue for a friend recently that presented as no water flow from the telltale. They had serviced the outboard themselves and had tightened the water pump upper housing so tight that it distorted the impeller wear cup and destroyed the impeller.

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