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Materials - starting out....

Started by Guest_8, April 21, 2022, 02:16:35 PM

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I've resolved to finally get back to fly fishing after a long hiatus, and river brown troot fishing is where I plan on spending my time. I've narrowed tools and vice down to a few contenders, which brings me on to materials.

I look at materials kits and they always strike me as being padded out with too broad a range of stuff, so I'm thinking of just listing off 5 likely dries, wets and nymphs, listing the materials, then using that as a shopping list.

Sound a decent plan? I'm pretty much taking my 5 flies from the top 5 dries thread on this forum, so if anyone fancies suggesting any wets and nymphs, I'd greatly appreciate it. my local river is about the same size as Fred's, so I tend to think my choices will be quite similar, hares ear, PTN, that sort of thing.

Help really appreciated, thanks a lot.



You won't go wrong with hairs ears and PTN that you already mentioned. But mixing the weights on the tungsten heads and changing the hook size makes a difference.


Can't really comment too much on flies but I have not long gone through the same process but I got in contact with the essential fly shop and gave them an idea of the flies I would be tying and they put a bundle together with everything I need. Was quick and easy doing it that way.


As suggested above, some PTNs in various sizes and weights. I'd say tungsten beads 1,2 and 3mm. Don't forget to add a  hot spot on some of them. I find orange works very well. Tie your weighted nymphs on jig hooks to minimise snagging.

Add a few pogo nymphs and fish them on a dropper with the heavy PTN on the tail. Here is a link that illustrates what a pogo nymph is

Add a few traditional simple spiders.


Fantastic, some great stuff there, I hadn't thought of doing that Keith.

Pogo nymphs sounds interesting Fred, and I'll admit a new one on me, every day is a school day!


Quote from: GallowayBlueline on April 22, 2022, 09:26:40 AM
Pogo nymphs sounds interesting Fred, and I'll admit a new one on me, every day is a school day!
My go to nymphing setup is weighted nymph on the tail, pogo on the dropper.  The pogo was invented by a Scotsman - Stu Tripney, originally from Kilsyth, now a Kiwi fishing guide.


Thanks Fred, been eyeing up the new zealand strike indicator kit too, since I saw Sean using it on his YT channel. I like a visual, probably a throwback to bubble floats on the local dam.   :)


Nothing wrong with strike indicators Greg.  8)

I wrote an article on Ferris indicators in issue 2 of Fish Wild - check it out.


Fantastic, just need some water in the river now Fred!.


Decided to pick out half a dozen good local flies to start out with, and buy materials that I need, crikey! I've a lengthy bill just for those! :-)

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