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Casting lesson

Started by Guest_8, July 10, 2022, 01:59:46 PM

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Like a lot of us, I fished a lot when I was young, then a long hiatus ensued while I dabbled in alcohol, women and other such frivolities.

Anyway, it's clear on my return that my casting is poor (if I'm honest it always was!) and so I decided to tackle this fundamental issue.

Booked a lesson with John Milne, as he seemed to be one of the few local guys offering this  and had a couple of hours at a fishery, which was really well worth it. As ever with these things  it was fairly simple fixes, timing and power transfer.

I followed this up with a session on the Gryffe with him again on Friday, going over the stuff we'd done previously, but mainly focusing on rivercraft, thats the fastest 2 hours I can remember, absolutely loved it.

Despite not much moving, and some fairly chunky gusty winds, I must have rose over 20 fish on the dry, let's not go into how many I actually hooked. 😅 I need to time my strikes better!.

I've learned so much over those 2 sessions, can't recommend it enough. John's mixture of patience and enthusiasm is superb, can't recommend him highly enough.

Finally looks like I'm going to cut out the tail loops.  ;D


Un-learning mistakes is hard work for sure. They say a few casting lessons make more difference that a new expensive rod!  :)


Aye, I'd agree with that!


Trouble is when you get to my age you are just grateful you can still cast at all.  ;D

Hill loch gold

Alex is a fine caster with the troot rod Fred. Best i've fished with by a mile.


Over 90% of my casting is from a float-tube or a rolling boat. Casting instruction standing up on a grass bank is a different situation. They should offer sitting down lessons on a moving chair ...... !!  ;) :)
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